“Also known as “indoor soccer,” futsal is an excellent sport for any athlete to develop dynamic motor skills, foot-eye coordination, and overall soccer technique.”
Because futsal at the Momentous Sports Center is played on an indoor basketball court, players face constant pressure from other defensive players and out-of-play boundaries. In order to succeed, players must learn to dribble the ball rapidly, make sharp cuts, screen effectively, pass quickly, and strike precisely.

Not surprisingly, compared to large field soccer, futsal places much greater emphasis on ball control. Every movement during a game of futsal must be calculated as errant passes can and usually do result in turnovers and lost scoring opportunities. Think you have what it takes to take your soccer skills to a smaller, more challenging arena?

For more information on how to start or join a futsal league, please, please email info@momentoussportscenter.com or call (714) 389-7900.