“Featuring 21 basketball courts, ample room for spectators, and highly qualified tournament directors to help, the Momentous Sports Center is proud to be Orange County’s new destination for all things basketball. ”
Whether you are young or old, play basketball professionally, on the weekends, or are just starting to learn the game, the Momentous Sports Center offers year-round adult basketball leagues, single-sex and coed teams, youth club programs, and will be the home of offseason high school leagues and tournaments. Most of the Momentous Sports Center’s 21 basketball courts are of high school dimensions, with two NBA-sized courts included near the center of the facility. To accommodate younger athletes, two basketball courts have hoops that can be lowered to 8 feet.

For competitive gameplay, each court comes equipped with a large, easy-to-read scoreboard where spectators throughout the gym will be able to closely track the score. For spectators, bleachers are regularly situated either along the sidelines or at the ends of all courts. For those who prefer to stand and watch, adequate standing room is also available around the perimeter of each court.

Our coaching and basketball staff is comprised of former college players and/or successful past or present High School coaches who truly care about the athletes they coach and work with.

For more information, please email or call (714) 389-7900.